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Dogon Krigga expresses magick with the use of pixel and paper. Dogon incorporates divine mysteries, transcribed over time throughout their ancestors’ experiences to connect Black people to the future and the past. Dogon immortalizes modern and ancient traditions, wisdom, and theory into majestic and whimsical digital and mixed media collages that venerate those that came before, those that will come, and those that exist outside of time.  Dogon Krigga uses their experiences, techniques, knowledge and training from over a decade as a graphic designer and practitioner of Afrofuturism, along with other African diasporic traditional religions to illuminate the spiritual paths and possibilities for all whom receive their creations.

Dogon Krigga currently resides where they grew up, in Columbia, SC. Krigga is primarily a self-taught artist, with a creative lineage connected to legends like Romare Bearden and Tom Feelings. Their background in creative writing, journalism, and music production also lends to their creative perspective.

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